Kleinregion Pielachtal

Petra Fischer

Wohnhaft in 3213 Frankenfels. Seit Juni 2016 Geschäftsführerin der Regionalplanungsgemeinschaft Pielachtal. Aufgabenbereiche: Identität & Marketing, Strategische Steuerung, Projektmanagement Ausbildung: 2016 – dato Umwelt- und Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement (Master) IMC Krems 2012 Abschluss Media- und Kommunikationsberatung (Bachelor) FH St. Pölten

Ing. Dr. Andreas Kranzl

Andreas Kranzl

He is the head of the Gait Analysis Laboratory of the Orthopedic Hospital Vienna-Speising. As an active researcher he has a vast experience in the field of clinical movement science. His main working field is gait analysis with patients with orthopedic or neuro-orthopedic related disorders. Currently he is involved in several research projects financed by different national […]

Christoph Clemens

is a research assistant at the University of Vienna, Department of Sports Science. He gained experience in motion analysis and biomechanical investigations during his Healthcare and Rehabilitation Technology study at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Vienna and during the practical work for his master Thesis and his employment in the motion and gait analysis […]