Virtual Patients for Dietitians in Europe

The Erasmus+ project IMPECD (Improvement of Education and Competences in Dietetics) develops a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for dietetic professionals. A focus of the course is the training on virtual patients for improving dietetic competences and international exchange of best practice dietetic therapy. This innovative learning platform supports the professional development in high quality education and life long learning. Therefore the international project team from Antwerp, Germany, Netherlands and Austria met in Fulda – the most beautiful baroque city of Hessen – for discussing the first project results.

Hochschule Fulda / Christina Gast

Meeting Fulda February

After a project duration of six months the IMPECD team has already agreed on important definitions used in the MOOC. Common process models for dietetic care have been analyzed and a first working process modell has been agreed on for further developing the MOOC, virtual patients and supportive course content. The process modell for dietetic care will enable students of the participating Universities to share and discuss virtual patient cases. Additionally, working on a same process model will enable dietitians to work collaboratively on research projects, and for comparing project- and therapy results.

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