Brelomate – Connecting the Older Generation  Due to critical life events and decreasing mobility, elderly people are at higher risk of suffering from social isolation. The main challenge of developing products and services for elderly people lies in a preventive approach to ensure an unprejudiced use of IT solutions.

Home Setup In an exploratory project a functional second screen prototype for the Internet was developed, combining the popular Austrian card game “Schnapsen” with video conferencing.

The aim of BRELOMATE 2  is to develop a television set combined with a tablet into a user friendly and inexpensive centerpiece of an information, communication and gaming platform for elderly people.

User Experience As a first step, a market-ready product was designed and developed by continuously involving prospective users. Subsequently, an extensive field study with 36 households was carried out, with the aid of a didactic concept for facilitators and an accompanying social science study, to develop a commercialization strategy for the market launch.

Project consortium: University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten and kabelplus GmbH.
The project BRELOMATE2 is funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency, FTI-Initiative benefit.